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But it's much easier to post your own profile, let 'em have a peek, then let them come to you. you only have a few seconds to catch his attention and draw him in for more. Treat your profile like a it's a resume for your dream job...because it kind of is...

Make your "handle" creative and catchy like your headline. I'm looking for an honest man with a good heart; a sense of humor is a must!

), sports (in moderate doses), and have been known to fix my own leaky faucet. I am, a little bit, but all woman when it comes to romance.

Then stroll through the Arboretum reading all the informative placards.

A- Start with the NYT crossword puzzle — the SATURDAY puzzle, not the punk Sunday one.

Don't sabotage a potential relationship by lying up front. They teach salespeople in training to "Ask for the sale"... My friends say I'm the life of the party, always cheerful and full of energy.