Who is u2 bono dating

when Bono was a teen, his freinds all made nicknames for each other. then bono said, can you just call me bono all the time now?

there was a hearing aid shop called Bono Vox, which he got named after by his freinds.

If loving U2 was the most important thing in finding that special someone, then we would all be pairing off at the shows.

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I'm sure you can make him think and feel differently about the music through your own passion for it.

But he will never reach the level where you find yourself. The older I get, the more I just assume that I will never find someone who likes them as much as I do.

Testing him to gauge his U2-fanness, I told him my Bono-sighting story. Can I really consider him a "fan" if he picks the latest album as his favorite, and didn't even make it to one of the multiple shows in their last tour?

I wanted to go to the Elevation Tour but couldn't get tickets."My questions are these: is this guy to be taken seriously?

When you told this guy your Bono-sighting story, his only suitable responses would be a smile of understanding, if he's had his own sighting, a smile of jealousy, if he's tried to meet Bono himself, or the probing eyes of someone wondering how such a sighting affected your soul.


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