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The ex-husband of Nicole joined their daughter's movie premiere with his wife.Let's find out the awkward moment of the strange family in our story today.

Murphy has been married to American actor Eddie Murphy from 1993-2006.

The couple tied the knot on March 18, 1993, at the Grand Ballroom of The Plaza Hotel in New York City.

In the movie premier of Amateur Night in July this year, American model Nicole made her appearance. To underpin her work, Eddie Murphy also showed up with his wife.

With the sugary smile on the faces, the whole family posed for the group photo. Wrapping their hands around, a beautiful but awkward, Paige Butcher, Eddie Murphy, Bria Murphy, Nicole Mitchell Murphy, Shayne Murphy attending the premiere of the movie "Amateur Night" on 2016.

And her younger sister was also looking amazingly beautiful with that red mini dress.