Updating itunes on a mac Horny girl text chat no sign up

If you press Alt-F while in the i Tunes app, it will bring up the old style menus.

Under the File menu, you'll see the option 'Add folder to library'.

If you have a large library that may take a long time. I deleted all listings and then added the folder again.

Unfortunately this takes a while and now my folders are re-"organized", my playlists are empty, and I have duplicates to deal with.

Anyway if you had the option of "add folder" you could go to your music folder like C:\My Music and i Tunes would pick up any changes since the last one ie. You don't have this option though...😮😮You have to mimick this...

Open i Tunes Choose "add file to library"Go to My Music (or equivalent)Enter My Music (showing all subfolders)Select All (ctrl A)Enteri Tunes will review and match current list with previous ie.

delete what is no longer present and add any new files / folders. Good luck My issue happened when I closed i Tunes while it was scanning my library.