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We’ve moved into the next stages of love and feel blessed to have learned the skills for negotiating the stage of disillusionment and can truly enjoy the later stages of love.

One of the gifts of confronting the unhappiness in Stage 3 is we can get to the core of what causes the pain and conflict.

We are often blind-sided by the turn-around of stage 3. We become more irritable and angry or hurt and withdrawn.

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As we began to heal, the love and laughter we thought we had lost began to flow again.

We began to see each other as wonderful beings who had suffered greatly in the past and had come together to love each other and help heal our old wounds from childhood.

There’s nothing more satisfying than being with a partner who sees you and loves you for who you are.

They understand that your hurtful behavior is not because you are mean and unloving, but because you have been wounded in the past and the past still lives with you. I wondered, “If we can’t even find peace between two people who love each other, what chance do we have to create a world that can work for all its peoples?

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