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He Stood Up For LGBT Rights On Episode 2Chef Mila Kolomeitseva drew heat when she said she would not want her son to see two men kissing.The exchange began when she noticed Travis’ nose ring.“I would have questioned him as well,” she said of his sexuality.“Mila, classic Russian homophobe,” he responded.

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The clip cuts to a scene of Travis stripping down, and his female crew mates gasping in horror.

The scene cuts again to a huge compliment he received from Captain Sandy Yawn.“Travis, you’re the best tender driver I’ve ever met in my entire life,” she said.

” he captioned a post where he posed coquettishly on the edge of a yacht with a lacy dress pulled down to reveal his shoulders.

“Feeling cute might f**k around and get a little bit toxic am I right or am I right?

View this post on Instagram Haha g’day how ya goin, cheers to Susan from jo-berg who let me try on 10 different hats and tell me where the fur was from and other shit, I never had any intent to buy any of your hats and I apologise but I give you a big old thumbs up and a fuckwit smirk as appreciation for your sales professionalism and for only being slightly passively aggressively letting my know “it’s fine it’s my job” when I told you I couldn’t justify dropping two hunjy On a hat even if it was made from the hair of otters ballsacks plucked by Transgender Asian-African American Midgets high on pcp in the Himalayan mountains whilst listening to Aqueous Transmission by incubus on repeat.