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Thai Love Links has been around for a while now and claims to have well in excess of 300,000 registered members but it is the past several months where it has really taken off, a time in which its membership has more than doubled.

Western men who had struggled to meet a so called good Thai girl suddenly found themselves the interest of as many as 100 Thai women in one day – and that's going to get any bloke excited!

The round-up of expat bar news and gossip is a popular part of the column and I strive to cover this major part of expat society in a responsible way.

As the Lonely Planet Guide to Thailand has said in a number of editions, Stickman provides a palatable look at nightlife in Thailand.

I've been sitting on the sidelines watching as those around me are going wild on Thai Love Links, gorging themselves on Thai women like pigs at the trough.