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As Southwest grew, acquiring Air Tran, adding to its fleet, and expanding internationally, they needed to shift to self-service analytics and customized business intelligence that scaled with the business and allowed them to react more quickly to growing data sets.

Business groups needed an immediate and accurate understanding of the trips customers booked and flew and whether they arrived on schedule to ensure optimized on-time performance (OTP) and customer satisfaction.

Without an enterprise-wide view of their data captured in real-time, Southwest couldn’t see how different parts of operations were performing to asses if they could do better for customers or keep up with competition, growth and change.

Previously, to understand their fleet performance, Southwest’s IT team manually pulled data from legacy systems and various sources, including Access, Excel, Oracle, SQL Server, and Teradata, its enterprise data warehouse.

“We had to do something different because our leadership was calling for more information on-demand versus the ‘we’ll get it to you in a week’ approach,” said Troy Roskop, Manager of Aircraft Reliability.