Romanians dating in uk

The vampire thing is weird because I once heard my partner say he likes my scent which I was like "I smell like any other clean human", he goes no my scent is sweet, freaked me out lol Most Romanians I know are quite decent. With a small family it ok it's not to bad but when your partner has 10 other siblings its crazy!

The other was the opposite -- he didn't have a lot of money but genuinely listened to me and wanted to talk and know me for who I was. I guess it really depends but they can be very traditional. Very family-orientated, reasonable listeners, caring if they like you and they like to know as much as possible (nosy lol) and they eat regularly - there's always food involved, and they always pay.

Both the guys I was with were very traditional -- I was the woman, therefore they would always pay, they would always open doors etc. But like I said, all men are different - I haven't got enough information to stereotype them yet - maybe in the future lol.

The bride’s father would convince himself that the groom is hardworking, relative to the land work, such as plowing and cropping, at least by Romanian standards, term is gospodar (ad literam: good house-holder), and then he will trade with him, literally giving pieces of land in exchange for him to take his daughter.

If the girl wasn’t a virgin, it would cost more land.

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