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A first overall selection, on a team that already had a blue-chip prospect, known largely for his tremendous self-confidence (and puck-handling skills).Foreshadowing what was to come, Di Pietro pulled a groin muscle in his first practice with the team, missing four preseason games.Of course, one of the other key advantages Miller had over Di Pietro was his luck in staying healthy.

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Of those who played at least 150 games during his prime, Di Pietro's .908 save percentage was merely 18th, tied with Marty Turco, Ryan Miller and Chris Osgood, just short of Evgeni Nabokov, Martin Gerber and Vesa Toskala. College system but was drafted in the fifth round and didn't play his first real NHL hockey until age 25.

At the time, .908 was roughly the level where it was difficult to keep a starting job in the NHL, especially for those older goalies. The one exception was Ryan Miller, who is just over a year older than Di Pietro. The lack of hype and the careful development helped Miller become a solid starting goalie for nine seasons (and counting), including one spectacular season in 2009-10.

The tragic case of Di Pietro was a result of a fluke combination of hype, unrealistic expectations and a parade of non-stop injuries hitting him right in his prime.

What can NHL teams who are currently developing young goaltenders learn from this experience?

At the time, GM Garth Snow said, via Si.com, that "It's a great deal for the team because we get a flexible (cap) number that we can work with and add players as we need, it's a great deal for Ricky because he has term, and the big bonus is for our fans because they get to see a player that everyone loves for many more years to come."It appears the Islanders were paying for potential, because at the time of the deal, Di Pietro was a 25-year-old goalie whose special character and tremendous confidence was only producing league-average results.