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In the line dedicated to Model 1 APFK, I noted a certain knife was dated later than its accompanying sheath based on the stamp on the blade.I later posted the proof and research data elsewhere on line for personal reasons. Etching is done after the blade has been annealed instead of using a stamp when the blade is still red hot.

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Note that I have an eighties 7-5 with the small stamp and the "O" in Orlando is indented below the "R" in Randall just like the pre-66-68 regular stamp. Thing is, I see no evidence that once the new blade stamp was introduced the other continued to be used. Interestingly, there are a number of knives that have the later stamp in earlier sheaths... We know he ordered his first stamp in 1939, then ordered another in Aug 1943. Picture of Ron Mathews pre WW2 knife The following is the stamp on my WW2 Hunter Definitely different stamps, the left scimitar on my knife, the top of it is square to the R in RANDALL.

The comma between Orlando and FLA was reduced in height, a small space was introduced between the comma and FLA, and because of that, the ? I checked my stamps against your transition period and they align with your thesis. But I've decided that it has enough truth to at least start a conversation. Some time ago I saved about 50 close up logo pictures of etched blades to form a data base for a study. Right now I'm not very motivated to further provide research for this hobby. I wanted to contribute what might be the first 2 blade stamps Bo had.

It now appears that use of the new stamp began in early 1966. As a result, I usally look for documented knives, few though they may be. Despite the voluminous postings, my contributions represent relatively modest amount of focused research, mostly simple compiling and description, which is basic to any system. That fact has become pretty much accepted and you now see the description "camel ground" instead of "camel wool", "ground" being shorthand for color. Once again you have out done yourself with your fine research and keen analytic skills, this time with regard to the blade stamps. All models, even bowies exhibited the font geometry change about this time. was used apparently concurrently with Type 1 from about 1960, or even possibly as early as 1957, or so (time has not been fully defined) to about late 1964.

I've been a little surprised to find how little of this had been done in the world of Randall collecting... Some of the stuff about sheaths just evolved as a result of conversation, especially with Ron who is actually the god-father of the brown button solution. In the world of oriental rug collecting, the intellectual battles over the use of camel wool in persian rugs was pretty epic. But I had more credibility and time in that field than this one. As a collector of the Modern era of RMK, I am in no position to add anything but encouragement to your efforts to further clarify the difficult process of attempting to date the earlier Randalls. s book, of knives he identifies with pretty precise dates of manufacture. Here is an update on blade stamps used to help date Viet era knives. Concerning the the start of stamping continuing through the Vietnam era, it has already been noted that in about 1966 the font geometry of the blade stamp changed. ve now found that from about late '50s-early 60s to late '64-early '65 or so, there were actually two stamps with different font geometries being used apparently simultaneously. Most SS marked blades have this type stamp, but not all.

Now I'd like to share it here because I've become confident enough that I find myself using the information.