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You will have to rollback the changes that were made by hand., that is to say a UTC timestamp identifying the migration followed by an underscore followed by the name of the migration.

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Update: My co-worker Zac Mc Cormick asked a good question.

If we need to store the time as UTC, does Postgres convert non-UTC times to UTC time before it strips the timezone? This SO answer tells us a timezone modifier if we should add one.

Besides the double hash thing, the other option I can come up with is to not change update, but add the touch: false option to save and save! That way you can generally just do the assignment followed by an save!

(touch: false), and you can still wrap that in your own helper if the extra call really bothers you.

Postgres’ documentation on date/time types has the following: Note: The SQL standard requires that writing just timestamp be equivalent to timestamp without time zone, and Postgre SQL honors that behavior.