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We have a great network in Mauritius, and are very well supported by our local colleagues.However, archaeology has very little precedent so there is much to do in the sense of setting up protocols for even basic tasks, such as the removal of materials for overseas study.

Several undergraduate students came to Mauritius for a month during the summer to conduct fieldwork.

If a student is interested in getting fieldwork experience in Mauritius, they should check out our MACH website and also contact me.

While the work on the slave context fits into a fairly well established archaeological framework, in the sense that many sites around the world are focused on issues of slavery, our research into indenture is perhaps one of the first archaeological investigations of this type of labor diaspora.

During the British period, Mauritius served as the testing ground to replace slave labor with ‘engaged’ workers: effectively, contract workers – but with very poor working conditions.

Presently I am self employed in my recycling plant.