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Check it out at If you have country singles that aren't on the database I'm always accepting donations.Nashville Matrix - https:// Globe Nashville - https:// Sheldon - https:// SRP - https:// #B-nnnn-Ny% - https:// DMRS - https:// Grew-Recording-Service SJW - https:// NR#####-# https:// music city - https:// RITE - https:// WME - https:// Tulip - https:// QCA - https:// DMRS - https:// Grew-Recording-Service STERLING - https:// RCA Pressing Plant Marks Explanation of how to read RCA Matrixes - https:// H - https:// R - https:// I (S4KM) - https:// Capitol Pressing Plant Marks Anvil - https:// Pressing Plant ID Help Dating Resources: For P4KM style RCA information https:// Working on being an active member of Discogs.

The central figure is probably that of the fool or jester.

See similar figures on other matrices recorded with the A complete (cracked) lead flat circular medieval seal matrix.

Preserved in very good condition with an even greyish patina, it measures 32.49mm in length down the axis of the suspension lug, 31.99mm in diameter, and 7.03mm thick at the suspension lug. This presumably refers to the owner of the matrix, but is impossible to further decipher.

The simple motif and personalised legend suggests a 13th century date (Harvey & Mc Guiness 1996, 87-8) Length:… It is a flattened disc-shape with a transverse groove across the centre of the reverse face, from one end of which a suspension loop might have projected originally, although no trace of this now survives.

Current goal is to add all information to releases instead of just the basics.