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I struggle with my own cognitive dissonance on the issue: I believe in upholding due process rights to preserve the integrity of the criminal justice system.

But I am also a survivor who never sought out the help of that system because I know that sexual assault survivors can be treated poorly and that criminal cases with a high burden of proof often fail to bring justice for the victim.

The mutual respect Tyler and I practice isn’t a perfect science; there are issues we struggle to talk about because they are innately emotional or because we both know neither of us is changing his or her mind.

Rather than learn how to discuss these more sensitive issues, we’ve learned when to call mercy — that is, when to accept that we will just always think differently. I struggle to discuss due process for those accused of sex offenses because I have been sexually assaulted myself.

At this point in our political discourse, we’re all about “owning” each other, “destroying” opponents, drinking “liberal tears,” and “punching Nazis” (meaning virtually anyone to your right).