Is consolidating your credit a good idea

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You’ve got the big credit card due on the 7th, the little credit card on the 15th, and the emergency card that you use for more than emergencies because you get double points on groceries and everybody needs groceries on the 18th.

Then there’s that special medical credit card they made you open when your cat needed dental surgery, your Target card, your gas card and the card you opened to get 15% off jeans at that place in the mall that you’re not allowed to go back to because you bought too many jeans that one time.

The key is to look long and hard at your finances before including your unsecured debt in a refinance or home equity loan and make sure you’re prepared for a worst case scenario. When you consolidate your debts, the old accounts are closed and replaced by one new account.

So simply keep that in mind before proceeding with a consolidation.

One form of debt consolidation that stands separate from the rest is debt settlement.


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