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Considering that they were originally used to hunt bears, the intimidation factor alone is enough to scare away any would-be trespasser.

With a stalwart appearance, the boxer can deter most criminals from trespassing on your property.

If a dog is fit enough to take on a lion, you can be sure that they’re one of the top guard dogs that won’t be afraid to take on a human intruder.

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They’re loyal, intelligent, and alert, and thus are fairly easy to train.

They’re also very good with children, so aside from being one of the best protection dogs, they make a great family pet as well.

The Rhodesian Ridgeback is has a bit of a statuesque stance, and is stalwart in appearance.

They were used by African farmers to hunt lions and various large prey.

They’re very powerful, but also very energetic and require a lot of physical and mental stimulation, but they’re extremely loyal dogs and will protect you at all cost making them one of the top guard dogs today.