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The bail problem that compounded the horror of Fincher's arrest is also a national problem.'s Scott Shackford has explored how expensive bail makes a suspect presumptively guilty unless they can pay their way out of the system.

Said search turned up a "plastic bag filled with a blue crystal-like substance in the passenger side floorboard." Fincher told the deputies that the substance in question was cotton candy.

Officers ran a field test using a Nark II roadside kit. Fincher was arrested and charged with trafficking meth and possession of meth with intent to distribute. Unable to afford the expensive bond, Fincher remained in jail for three months, until a more thorough test in a crime lab found the substance to be exactly what she said it was: cotton candy.

This next square is approximately the same size as the Daisy Granny Square (when worked with the same yarn and hook), which means you can pair them together to create afghans or pillows. Draw the loop through and chain 2; rep from * another 6 times. Ch 4 (counts as first tc), 2 tc in same space, *ch 1, [3 tc, ch 1, 3 tc] in next ch space, ch 1, 3 tc in the next space; rep from * twice more, ch 1, [3 tc, ch 1, 3 tc] in last ch space, join with a slip st to beg ch-4.

Remove your hook (careful not to pull out the last loop made) and insert through the first of the 5 dc made and back through the last loop you dropped. Rnd 3 – ivy: Join yarn with a slip st to any ch space.

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