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You had the chance to reply courteously and professionally and chose not to, thus you lost my respect. You are a resident of La Paz, Mexico, I knew that when i first observed your account.5.

Here again you slur about "gosh, I just realized, are ALL Americans immature trolls?

Some of you may have seen some of the somewhat misguided posts by a user known as Wolf, or H Wolf, etc.

He alleged that Pounced is under some kind of investigation for child related offenses, and then alleged that their owner or another staff member was also a moderator on this site, in an attempt to frighten users of this site, as retribution for posting all his harrassing E-Mails towards us publicly.1.

I wouldalso suggest you consider being a bit more curious and concerned whendealing with customers, because you never know what kind of influenceyour customers might have, and what kinds of platforms they have towield that influence. My platforms await my efforts (includingscreenshots! ) to influence people's decisions on what furry personals'website to use and which ones not to use because they are run bypedophiles (, corporate thugs (Furry Mate, etc.) orimmature furry trolls...


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    Permalink Reply by Steve Hanner on September 7, at It has been stressed that debt advice, a supervised rehabilitation period, financial education and social help to find sources of income and to improve the management of household expenditures must be provided during this period of rehabilitation.

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    The employer can act on its suspicions and circumstantial evidence.” This is basically the same as if your employer suspected you of violating any other policy (or even doing something they didn’t like, whether prohibited by a policy or not): If, for instance, your employer suspected you of being rude to clients or watching too much You Tube at your desk, they wouldn’t need to present you with evidence. In this case, though, Bryan goes on to say that they’d still be wise to only act if they have solid evidence: “Acting on flimsy suspicions would only serve to alienate employees, lower morale because they fear ‘big brother’ is prying into their personal lives, and risk losing good and loyal employees without a good reason.