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When "Black Swan" isn't about Natalie Portman's mother cutting Portman's fingernails in the most nauseatingly disgusting manner humanly possible, it's about the bizarre relationship between her character and that of Mila Kunis, who eventually spend a night out on the town culminating in a tryst back at Portman's, featured below.

Sounds like the name of a terrible Williamsburg band's debut album, but it's actually what happens in the below video (which again is NSFW unless you work here).

" (laughs to himself.) A ranking of such scenes is an inexact science, but we've created a surefire formula at Next Movie: Which do we like the most?

There's a colleague of Bale's who wishes to have carnal relations with him.

[caption id="attachment_164516" align="alignleft" width="300"] Columbia Pictures[/caption] Sometimes, two ladies make out with each other in major motion pictures.