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The author has received numerous prizes for her literary work, such as the European Union Prize for Literature 2009 for , her latest novel, was awarded the Special Prize of the Critics 2011 in Portugal, and was selected as Book of the Year 2011.

It has also been voted as number 4 of the 10 favourite books 2014 of the French financial newspaper Les chos. Then suddenly she finds someone and something different - an inkling of love?

Life itself with its pains and joys seeps from the pages, powerful and real.

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Guadalajara Airport is around 50 mi from the hotel.

Dulce Maria Cardoso, born in Trs-os-Montes in 1964, is one of the most important literary voices in Portugal.

Except for Eva, the murderer's ex-wife, no one in this unusual and profound novel has a name.

The man and Eva, who both come from poor families, separated six years ago.

out of exaggerated, almost demented love, it is said.