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They may shy away from hand-holding or a quick kiss." When this happens, she advises daters not to take immediate offense and instead ask their partner's preference.Edwards adds that two people might have totally different ideas about appropriate PDA.So how a person initiates or reacts to PDA depends more on those "particular roles" than any outside roles they may have in a traditional gendered society. you're probably gonna look for those indications upfront," he concludes, "Whereas, if you were the pursued, you wouldn't necessarily need [PDA] at the beginning, but you'll definitely need it more later on." That might sound counterintuitive, or even scarier than simply reaching out to hold someone's hand, but figuring out someone's PDA comfort level is an important step toward understanding their overall "love language," Edwards notes.

Here are 8 things you should While many people wouldn't feel comfortable making out in the middle of the street, most people appreciate some sort of light physical contact from their love interest.

"Ultimately what it comes down to is that, as humans, we do have a need of physical interaction," Edwards says.

This need is so intrinsic to human nature, it crosses the "boundaries" of established gender roles.

"I think that usually women like they need it more, but both sexes need it," Moheban-Wachtel says.

So daters shouldn't necessarily be worried if their partner's level of PDA changes from one situation to another.


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