David deangelo double your dating what every man should

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because they don’t let themselves get in the way of their success. How many times in your life has an attractive woman approached YOU because she was interested in getting to know you? When you use the secrets in this program, you’ll probably (realistically) received 2 or 3 emails PER DAY from women who want to find out more about you. and even if you only end up meeting 3 of them in person (a no-brainer considering the skills you’ll have, and that they approached YOU first) that’s almost one new hot date EACH WEEK… Try going to a bar, nightclub or anywhere else and getting the same results.

If you’re like most guys, you can probably count on one hand. Some will be from women who aren’t your type – and that ’s ok – because chances are you’ll also receive notes from about 2 or 3 women each week that are what you are looking for… Unless you’re tending the bar, it just isn’t happening.

I taught myself to TYPE by chatting with women online. The question is: Why is it that I have been able to have consistent success with online dating, while most guys spend hours and hours trying to find “the key”, only to fail? I can remember when I first decided to get this part of my life called “women and dating” handled… I never even CONSIDERED online dating as a “real” way to meet women.

I learned how to chat with women online, and TAKE ADVANTAGE of the fact that online conversations are about one TENTH the speed of normal conversations.

My friend has figured out ways to lead the date in the direction he wants to go… The fact is that once you have a “routine” like this down for yourself, meeting women online becomes almost TOO EASY. And as I mentioned before, the web was also where I REALLY perfected my Cocky Comedy skills… And one of the really cool things about interacting with women online is that you can TAKE YOUR TIME when responding to them.