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It’s not Mossberg’s first chassis gun, but the company thought its initial efforts along those lines could use some tweaking.“The goal was to create a unique new chassis of our own design, incorporating the features most desired by long-range rifle shooters,” said Mossberg senior design engineer Tim Blazek. rail, M-Lok slotted fore-end, fully enclosed action and straight-line stock design are some of the products of this effort and differ from our original chassis.”The MVP action’s claim to fame is its ability to use semiauto magazines.

For .223 and other AR-15-compatible cartridges, the MVP’s bolt employs a small lever at the front of the bolt that catches the rear of a cartridge to push it out of an AR-15 magazine. On .308 and other AR-10-compatible cartridges, instead of the hinged lever the Dual Push design features a pair of protrusions machined into the bolt head.

Precision long-range rifle shooting is hot and shows no signs of cooling down.

Gun manufacturers have stepped up to offer a wide array of competition-style chassis rifles to meet the demand, but until relatively recently you couldn’t dip your toe in the long-range pool without spending a ton of money. It provides the top-flight features found on more expensive rifles at a suggested retail price just a tad over $1,400.

It could just be the way I grasp and operate a bolt and may not be an issue for everyone.