Dating men with motorcycles

But remember not everyone in his club or the guys who come to these events are in a relationship.

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Why don’t we recycle them and get rid of some of this clutter? Why don’t we stop wasting money on the bike, and start saving to go away on a romantic holiday? (This one works GREAT as an ice-breaker on a first biker date.) They’re so noisy and the neighbours keep giving me dirty looks, like it’s my fault. (With this line, your first biker date will be your last, by the way.) And one of my all-time favorites…

So you’ll have to start parking the bike in the drive way from now on. I hope you never go too fast or split lanes of traffic.

The adventurous spirit, the sexy rugged look, the charming sense of constant spontaneity – we all know about the obvious benefits of dating a motorcycle rider.

But if you go ahead and ask those who have actually dated a biker, you’ll learn about a few extra perks!

So you can be sure your girlfriends are going to be thinking: “My, my, what a man she’s got”.