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Johanna: “At school, I didn’t tell everyone, ‘Hey I’m listening to old country stuff.’” Klara: “I did! Almost immediately it was like, ‘Oh, this is me’ so then I just boasted about it.” Johanna continues: “And I would say, ‘Oh shut up Klara, we’re cool, we’re cool.” Klara remembers Swedish radio being “full of very happy pop stuff so it was great to hear real human emotions instead.When you’re a confused teenager and sad and feeling ugh, it’s good to discover country.” She says it took time for people to accept “two young girls from Sweden” being inspired by singers like Gram Parsons.You’re even more vulnerable when you’re a public person, too.” And Klara says: “But we had each other and so much support from our family.

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Johanna: “Our parents didn’t really listen to country.

They were punks and they thought country was silly.” Klara: “Yeah, so our way of rebelling as teenagers was listening to country music.” And did their friends think they were freaks raving about that stuff? “But I just didn’t care because that music was so integral to me.

She says: “We’ve always been interested in sad lyrics sung in a beautiful way.

You find that contrast a lot in country music, which can be very dark.

First acclaimed when their stunning cover of Fleet Foxes’ Tiger Mountain Peasant Song became an internet sensation, they were still in their teens when debut album The Big Black And The Blue appeared in 2010.