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I will be in Nairobi from Aug 13- 18, 2018 if anyone wants to organize a meet up I am happy to come and can share my experience with all of you.

Bests, @iamnarendrasingh Hey, This yea again I am in Nairobi with same month but dates are different .

Founded by Ian Hamilton Isherwood, a Kenyan born in Mombasa, Date Me is a members-only, exclusive and premium dating website for a selected few from a certain class.

Safe & convenient online dating Isherwood told Tech Moran that the idea for Date Me Kenya came along after spending part of his adult life in the UK and seeing how mainstream, easy, safe and convenient online dating was.

The idea is then broadcast to all the other members of the opposite sex and if another member likes the idea, they click “Great Idea” and they take it from there.