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The publisher wanted a subtitle that could better explain the book to people who might be thrown off by the main title.The title is also a chapter in the book and it explores the relationship I have with my mom.

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Having awful experiences doesn’t mean it’s awful to be me, but that is exactly what people wanted.

Some people were like, we know your writing, we know who you are, and we’d love to work with you, but we don’t want this. Michael Arceneaux: People wanted me to be more political, but the book in itself is a political statement.

Also, out of respect for certain people, you don’t’ want to tell everyone’s name.

I’ve struggled with in telling my story, I’m in part telling other people’s stories, but from my lens.

It explains why “I can’t date Jesus” and delves into heavy subjects with the use of wit, humor, and pop culture references.