Dating inuyasha quiz

She was ten when she and her clan were called upon by the Lord of Takeda Castle to slay a bear that was harassing his domain.

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On a day not long after the shattering of the Shikon no Tama, Sango slew a centipede demon at a village that requested the demon slayers' help.

She figured out after she had slain the demon that it had drawn on the power of a Sacred Jewel shard; she took the shard, along with some of the corpse, as payment.

At the same time, Inuyasha and crew began tracking the scent to the castle as well.

Upon arriving at the jewel's location, they were attacked by several of Naraku's demons. As Sango battled several of the demons, Sesshōmaru and Inuyasha arrived after having wounded Naraku and stopped Kohaku from harming Rin.

The village's best slayers were summoned to a castle to slay a spider yōkai.