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The Academy’s research- and experience-based approach was developed through careful analysis of thousands of successful partnerships.Cynthia’s one-stop-shop model has proven very effective.There’s even a package that includes personal styling.

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“In the last few years I’ve been doing a lot more life coaching and writing,” she said. I’ve moved away from general date coaching to mindful dating, especially as it pertains to the older woman.” The company offers several packages that help daters turn the tide on their old lives and embrace relationships from a holistic perspective.

After a consultation with an Academy expert, they can select a package right for them: Bronze, Silver, or Gold.

Her courses teach clients to get to know themselves before finding a partner.

“I think my style of date coaching and my approach to it all is quite different from most other people’s because I believe that love is an inside job,” she said. Unless you can love yourself, you’re going to keep on repeating the same mistakes and attracting the wrong partners.” Cynthia said it was her own desperation that forced her to finally wake up and go after her own happiness. The Academy’s courses show students how to do their own inner work before they can form meaningful bonds with others.

Today, she and the Academy’s experts facilitate courses that show people firsthand how to attract Mr. For Cynthia, it’s all about providing key concepts to help people understand the nuts and bolts of attracting love.


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    Unfortunately, the five years of marriage ended in 1975.

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    There are so many people on this line, you are sure to meet whoever you're looking for.

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    But is it OK to send messages to more than one person at once. But from what i have heard (from bro) girls do it too. Its ok to write to as many as you want or date as many too. Most people want exclusive relationships of course but thats a different thing. go for it, message as many as possible, every woman on the site if possible.

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    You can either use a fingerprint ID or passcode to ensure that you keep your peace of mind even when your phone’s far away.