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You can also participate in a "Wine Trail" featuring seven family-owned local wineries and covering 20 scenic miles.

You can also go zip-lining, take a walking tour, visit the Katy trail or golf.

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Throughout Missouri you will find these smaller towns rich in history and featuring much to do.

Here are just a few of the towns with under 20,000 residents and a sample of what you might find there.

They also have historic home tours including the Ste. It is also home to the Crown Ridge Tiger Sanctuary, Hawn State Park, Pickle Springs Natural Area, Magnolia Hollow Conservation Area, and Hickory Canyon Natural Area. Another little town in wine country, Boone County, was called one of "America's 10 Coolest Small Towns" by Frommer's Budget Travel Magazine.

With antique shops, bed and breakfasts, wineries, art galleries, a museum, and access to the scenic Katy Trail, there is plenty to do and see.

This tiny little village in Saline County has a historic bearing due to its part in westward expansion and the Santa Fe Trail.