Dating advice for women in their 20s

Whether you're kissing too many frogs at the bar, dating too many Mr. Right, these top dating mistakes are crimes all women in their 20s have committed.

Laugh, cry, and try not to grimace to hard as we roll through the biggest no-no's all twenty-something's are guilty of.1. Just Because If it's not the relationship of your dreams, let 'em know and let 'em go.

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The classic not hearing from a guy for a week and either believing his excuses or making excuses for him. If he’s too busy, he’s either not interested or has a secret wife, baby, or girlfriend he isn’t telling you about (because that actually happened).

I’d usually let the guy reach out first and then feel like it was ok to start another conversation after that if things were going well.

There were 3 guys (Conor was one of them) that I dated and dove into relationships with pretty quickly.

The two that weren’t Conor ended up being socially awkward, which I knew but they were both great guys so I kept dating them.

I didn’t have any and he said he knew it was really early, but he was going to meet his mom and stepdad on a boat, and invited me to join.