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When I met the families of my Asian boyfriend’s parents, they not only stuffed me like a turkey and filled me with delicious cuisine, but they always sent me home with at least one suitcase full of food. when I was sick in Shanghai once, my previous’ boyfriend’s father made fresh pigeon soup and goose egg porridge and had it taxi’d to my house.

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These Astro facts will let you know what’s going on in his head.

This is a key thing when it comes to what an Aquarius man wants from a relationship.

Of course, everyone likes a compliment now and again, but an Aquarius man can sometimes take too many compliments as a sign of obsession, and they’re not typically into that sort of stuff. If you can casually bring up one of their favorite things to do, they’ll go on and on talking about it.

Seems a bit random.” “She asked me if I cooked,” J begins. I feel really uncomfortable having her buy my food! I mean, what’s wrong with the ‘ol in-laws giving you some food?