read deleted user unread dating message online service mail - Dating a girl with alot of guy friends

If the relationship becomes serious boundaries with opposite sex friends are needed.

These boundaries depend on the people involved, and should be applied evenly with out double standards.

However, her mentioning other guys to me, is what I perceive as an act to make me jealous or 'push' me towards asking for exclusivity with her.

Knowing all their life stories wouldn't be a bad idea though. She will judge you by how you treat her best friend. Treat her best friend like platinum crusted with diamonds. Stories about why five of the six people at dinner tonight aren't friends with Kelly anymore, but you can't bring it up because of the one person who still likes her.

All she wants is for the two of you to not only get along, but become friends too; after all, if things work out, you'll be part of each other's lives forever as her two most important people. You'll get to have a lot of guys' nights, because she'll be out having girls' nights pretty often. Oh, were you going to get dinner with her after she grabbed an after-work drink with her friends? Basically, just be prepared for a lot of group activities. You should probably make friends with her friends' boyfriends.

The thing is, I clearly know that she wants me to be exclusive with her.

Admittedly, she has NOT asked me this, but I know it is the case.

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