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I do not really ask the master about my love destiny and prefer to let nature take its course.Charmaine Sheh (佘詩曼) attended a party organised by an eye care brand at night in the Central on 17th May 2018.By using the Jayne Stars website, you accept and agree to our Terms and Conditions of Use.

When asked if she was infected by zika virus earlier, Charmaine’s manager clarified it was a flu only.

Charmaine explained that she did not have zika virus: “It is less exaggerating. I feel very scared and worry about my work in Hong Kong.” She added that she wanted to have porridge whole day and the doctor told her to admit into the hospital if she needed to, but Charmaine preferred to stay at home.

She says: "We're equal partners in the relationship. She plays a woman who pines for his vampire hunter character.

Unlike other celebrities in relationships, she is open when asked about her romantic life, spilling details of their Valentine's Day - they had "a quiet home-cooked meal" - and mentions that she met Cheng's mother during Chinese New Year.

Hong Kong TVB actress Grace Chan does not mind being referred to as "Kevin Cheng's girlfriend" by the media and TV fans.