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Becoming upset, Dallas states she dislikes being touched in inappropriate places and pours her drink on Lacey.

Lacey responds by throwing her drink on Dallas, after which Dallas throws an apple at Lacey, which strikes her in the ear. make an attempt to make friends with Raven, while Raven remains uninterested in communicating with them.

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Brandi C., has a difficult time doing push-ups and Sgt. Their next challenge is to move fifteen sandbags to a platform without dropping any, and should the girls drop any to the ground, then they will have to start over. Their next challenge is for the girls to pull Megan, as a punishment for laziness, in a sled to the beach towels. Later that night, more girls join in and chide later that night while Megan and Brandi C. draws obscene images on their pictures posted on their beds.

The girls start out strong but then they drop a bag. The girls struggle to pull the sled containing Megan, and matters are made worse when Brandi C. The next day, the girls must split into two teams of six for their next challenge.

had drawn a penis in Brandi C.'s mouth on her picture. cries for being yelled at when she wasn't even at risk. With the exception of Heather and Inna, all the girls agree Angelique should go home.

At elimination, Brandi M., Dallas, and Angelique are called down to the carpet. and says her actions were childish and that she was on warning. Sharon agrees, and Angelique is expelled for not wanting to change.

Lacey takes charge of her team and they assemble their project quickly.


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