Brendon urie and audrey kitching dating

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Even if you weren't into following the lives of strangers on the internet as an alternative teen, you may recognize Jac Vanek from her graphic tees and other typography-based designs.

In the beginning, she started selling her own bracelets at Warped Tour, where she was previously a band photographer, and used the proceeds to go on to bigger and better things.

Although Kat Von D is a celebrity in her own right thanks to the success of her TV show LA Ink, she was still a source of style inspiration for many alternative teenagers.

Her bountiful tattoos, immaculate makeup, and hair extensions — not to mention the fact that she was legitimately famous under her own venture, unlike the "posers" — made her an icon in the eyes of many.

But as a rule, the emo kids were a lot more brooding and wore way more black, whereas scenesters were excitable little rainbows who weren't even necessarily into the same music, let alone wardrobe choices. If it weren't for finding an old hoodie with pink leopard-print cat ears sewn onto it while having a recent clear-out of my wardrobe, I wouldn't even remember my fleeting scene phase.