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The consensus is that the hottest girls in Colombia are in Medellin, but most men from Cali tend to disagree. Cali is considered one of the top 10 most dangerous cities in the world.

While the girls in Medellin (nicknamed "paisas") may not live all the way up to the hype - they come pretty damn close. If someone tells you the hottest women in Colombia come from Medellin - they aren't lying.

They are fun and flirty without exuding the attitude of a tramp. Or she may show up at your front steps at four in the morning looking to shag.

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If you can give her strong orgasms and a night out dancing now and then - there's a good chance she'll cook and clean for you just like the good ole' women of yesteryear.

The capital of Colombia is home to more hot Colombian girls than one's mind could ever imagine.

Then he'll lean over to you and almost whisper in your ear about the women of Pereira.

He'll begin by telling you they're not as hot as the girls in Medellin. And not only are they easy, but they don't care about money at all. Colombian guys know more about the chicks in Colombia than I do, and their advice is spot on.

Due to this phenomenon, you'll definitely meet some chicks in Cali who have amazing bodies.


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