Aoe 2 updating system settings

I probably should have seen this coming, but the Windows 10 Microsoft Store is once again in the spotlight for its inability to distribute PC games adequately.Microsoft seemingly hasn't learned from the launches of Forza Motorsport 7, Gears of War 4, and beyond, because now it's Age of Empires Definitive Edition that seems to be struggling with its UWP launch on the Microsoft Store.

aoe 2 updating system settings-48

Cells with red border is what was possible before, cells with blue background shows what you can do now.

Notice it's more consistent for playable area for 4v4 and 2v2.

While we wait for Microsoft to solve the teething problems with games on the Windows 10 Microsoft Store, these methods will have to do.

Microsoft has at least acknowledged that there are problems running Age of Empires DE in certain situations, so hopefully more robust fixes are in the pipeline.

For more information read the Widescreen and Multi-Monitor guide.