Amiga error validating disk

Good evening, I've opened it up and given it a clean.

amiga error validating disk-5amiga error validating disk-87

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Good evening everyone, I have been given an Amiga 500, got it home and it starts up fine but seems to have issues reading floppy disks, Initially it was able to read Sim City and got to the main menu but after restarting the machine I got the following errors,"Error validating disk, Disk is unreadable"and"Disk structure corrupt, Use DISKDOCTOR to correct it"After a while, it will now just boot to the Amiga Workbench V1.3 start up screen and will now no longer get any further than this.

Putting a floppy in now will make the image on screen flash a few times and then return to the static image.

You’ll probably be surprised at how much dust and filth has collected inside the drive assembly - its always a good idea to give it a good clean anyway when you get a s/h machine.