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Caan really plays the tough-guy-fixer as well as the suffer-in-silence hero so very well. And knowing that he had almost died because of meeting her, made the wrap-up of this storyline completely satisfying. Lou backs up Mc G while Danny deals with Brooke and identifying Ray’s body.

Along with Danny’s storyline, the case of the week revealed a lot of about Adam and his C. Lou and Mc G really work a case well together, playing off each other while they interrogate Jessie, but Lou does get a taste of what Danny has to go through when Mc G has the keys to someone else’s vehicle. He is being held by the FBI for murder and he learns that the person who may have tried to frame him– is his half-sister.

After eight seasons of “Hawaii Five-0,” it is always a treat when one of their own directs an episode.

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It seems that whoever really killed Hideki, left their DNA on the body, and when it was analyzed by the crime lab, Adam shared too many markers with the sample to deny a family connection.

Whatever happens to Adam and his investigation into the Yakuza, we only hope that he can come out alive.

In order to save Brooke and put Ray in jail once and for all, Danny tells Ray that he is Brookeʻs lover.

In a rage, Ray beats Danny as the police show up, which puts Ray away and saves Brooke’s life.

We learn that Ray never forgot Danny and even after twenty years, blamed Danny for ruining his life.